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Watch this presentation of a Cornish Type 1 PRC home being rebuilt from start to finish. (coming soon)


An original Cornish PRC house.A PRC repaired Cornish type 1 house.



Additional information regarding Cornish Type 1 PRC houses.


Central Cornwall Concrete & artificial Stone co
A E Beresford / RTonkin
Period Built
1946 - 1960s
Number Built
30000 type 1 and 2
Alternative Name  
Cornish, Cornish Unit, Selleck Nicholls & Williams



Physical Attributes and Materials Used


  • Cornish type 1 PRC houses come in bungalows, 2 storey semi-detached and terraced layout with a medium pitched Mansard hipped roof. The roof is covered with concrete tiles, asbestos cement slates or ceder shingles. Some variations also are known to have an alternative bituminous felt roof. The internal part of the roof is constructed of Timber trusse.
  • Ground floor consists of concrete.
  • First floor is built with timber tongue and grove boarding with PC cornish units.
  • Ceilings are made of plasterboard
  • The exterior part of an Cornish type 1 PRC house consists of storey height PRC columns and PC plinth units with splayed joints joggle jointed together with mortar. Internal walls are made of PC wall block or brick. All exterior corners are rounded.


Areas which are defective

  • Horizontal and vertical cracking of PRC columns.
  • High rates of carbonation and siginificant levels of chloride in PRC columns
  • Cracking of first floor ring beams


Environmental and Eco Ratings 
  • Original Insulation = F rated
  • PRC repaired High Density insulation = A Rated

Energy Effeciency

  • Original Heating = F rated
  • New Combi 97% effecient boilder heating (if installed) A rated


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